ITP is one of the most trusted names on the racing circuit. With a long and successful history in racing, we support several of the most successful drivers and their teams with ITP products and solutions. With tires and wheels available to you that meet the performance the pros require to finish at the top of the podium, why would you ride anything else? See what our #TeamITP riders have to say about ITP.


Iron Baltic

Iron Baltic is one of the largest manufacturers of accessories and auxiliary equipment for all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and side by sides (UTVs) in Europe. The company was established in 2006 in the tiny Northern European country of Estonia by two friends with the aim of helping people make the most of their ATVs. We started locally with custom ATV skid plates and have since rapidly expanded both our product line and availability. Currently, our range includes more than 200 model-specific products as well as an ever expanding line of universal products.



LIQUI MOLY is Germany's most popular brand of motor oil. For years, awards such as "Top Brand" or "Best Brand" have reflected our excellent reputation among both experts and end consumers. These series victories are anything but a coincidence or merely automatic. They are the result of the daily commitment. It is this togetherness that makes us strong, that makes us special, that makes us successful around the world. It is this "us" that makes our brand!



TUKADA - one of the leaders in vehicle conversion segment! Company located in Vilnius, Lithuania designs, manufactures, installs commercial vehicles, commercial passenger vehicles, individual vehicles, spec. purpose vehicles.



cars, vans, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, yachts, airplanes.

We design commercial vehicles from A to Z.

Suppliers, Couriers, Passenger Transport, Food Truck / Food Trailer, Special Purpose (Police, Border Guard, Motorsport, Motorcycle Sport, Cycling, Horse Racing, Camping, Travel around the World, Dakar Rally, Fishing, Hunting, Laboratory, Office on wheels).



GATES Corporation

One of the biggest belt manufacturer Gates has joined our team as a partner. This company took the deal very seriously and made 3 different strenght CVT belts for CFMOTO 1000 ATV. We are most eager to try the„Red Line“ belts which are the strongest in the line. St the moment these belts are on the way from US to our base in Lithuania and we hope to try the asap! Gates assured us that this belt will be the best in the market for CFMOTO vehicles! Like our page to be the first to know about the results of Gates CVT belt testing!



CVTech-AAB company located in Quebec, Canada specializes in variable transmissions for a lotof applications. They team up with CFMOTO RT to develop a race ready CVT transmission. We hope to test this new CVT still this year! Follow us on Facebook to be the first to know all the updates! Big thanks to CV-tech for believing in us!



Dragonfly is a Russian brand founded in 2011 Ekaterinburg, Ural’s region

Dragonfly currently produces equipment for moto sports, ATVs, snowmobiles, and alpine skiing.

They cover all of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the Baltic States

Sales are carried out through dealers, retail stores, Dragonfly online site

In 2017 they already work with ATV driver Sergey Karjakin (Snag Racing) and know time to join #CFMOTOFactoryRacingTeam , we are tested the clothes in 2020 season and we are 100% satisfied, we are really happy of this partnership .

Respo Haagised AS

Respo was established in 1990 and today we produce approx. 200 different trailer models which are sold all over Europe.

We believe that our development and success will continue to depend on those thousands of clients who choose Respo trailers and therefore we are fully committed to our clients.
The mission of Respo Haagised AS is to manufacture, sell and repair trailers for cars and vans and their accessories, as well as to carry out after-sales maintenance. Our wish is to offer clients high-quality complete solutions.



VAUHTI VARIKKO. Who are they and what he says about himself?

VAUHTI VARIKKO having years of experience and knowledge about ATV / UTV engines and especially CVT powertrain gives us the advantage to design the best tunning and upgrade parts for your special purpose and need.

Every remap of ECU by Sercap and Vauhti Varikko CVT kit are tested on dyno and in various demanding field tests.

If you know what you want for you machine, together we can offer the right solutions to make it happen!